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Thrifted accessories

Hey All,

This was a great night out... I wore this black low cut, side cut-out dress it was an easy piece to accessorize. I pulled it off with these strappy wine colored heels, black and gold earrings and that same gold cuff bracelet. I also wore a nice flat gold choker like necklace with a Victorian woman in the center. This outfit was classy with just the right amount of sassy. I wanted to show you how I utilized my accessories while away. Yes, it is totally fine to wear accessories while at the pool or beach. I did as you see in the pic with the floppy straw hat, I am wearing that gold necklace again and cuff bracelet.

Thrifted... Gold and Black Earrings, gold clutch bag, gold flat necklace

Remember it's easy to accessorize using a few pieces that you can interchange with outfits.

Having fun with fashion😘


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