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Mixing prints

Hey All,

It's your Thrifting Diva Nee, I know It's been awhile since I've posted but lots of things have been going on. Fall is upon us and calling for a jacket. This outfit was a cute one for breakfast at your local stop. You can never go wrong with any type of military style item, this army fatigue print jacket was right on time and a great way to show support for our troops. I paired it with a simple pair of leggings, a graphic tee shirt, leopard print scarf and complimented it with some sterling jewelry and there you have it an outfit on the go. The heels were doing their own thing. Hope you enjoyed this ensemble and don't forget to catch the autumn foliage in your area. The natural beauty of the changing of season is amazing!

I'll never stop having fun with fashion.

Thrifted ... Army fatigue jacket


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