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Fashion Week Feb 23, 2018

Attending the 14th Season of the Northeastern Fashion Week on February 23rd was just what I needed. It felt good to be among people that had the same interest as me. There was no shortage of conversation stemming from designer favorites to the outfits that attendees were wearing. We were all tied together on this night with one common bond: fashion! Designers, makeup artists, models, and even thrifters were in attendance. Booths were set up to purchase accessories among them were hometown favorites MAC, Flaunt Boutique, Lipsense, Kent Stetson and Bad Taste to name a few.

It was time to stand out or go home. Nothing like showing up like you were going to the playground lol. As I was getting ready, I was torn between several outfits but I wanted to feel comfortable, and I needed it to show my style. I settled for a pair of denim riding pants and a white top with balloon shoulders. I wanted to wear some thrifted pieces, so I accessorized with my leather moto jacket, black, gold and silver bib necklace, gold statement ring, and glittery ankle boots. As I was rushing out the door, I remembered I have this vintage style drawstring purse. Right on time blue, gold and pearls (we all know they're in) as Peach Carr highlights.

I have been following Bridgette Artise from Born-Again Vintage, and she did not let me down. I love how she creates her pieces from recycled items, deconstructs them and creates entirely different articles. She is a visionary in the fashion industry will adopt ways to reuse clothing. I know she is a pioneer and we should follow her as she will open doors that we will never have imagined. She is saving the world one re-constructed outfit at a time.

I am a new fan of Clothes Horse Clothing collection which showcased faux furs and pleather combination both materials on the rise. I also enjoyed Peach Carr, I love how her pieces were classics but trendy at the same time. I admired how she incorporated pearls into her designs. I enjoyed both and could see myself wearing some of the pieces. I am a fan of any designer that commands your attention, but you have to be willing succumb to!

Pics in order by designer - Born Again-Vintage, Clothes Horse Clothing and Peach Carr

I hope you enjoy.



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