Hey Fashion Lovers, my name is Denise my fashion family calls me Nee. I have been in love with thrifting before I could purchase a piece of clothing on my own.  As a child, I spent countless hours in the neighborhood thrift store trying on clothing and admiring the designs and details of the pieces. I've always had a sense of style and often my day to day look would change from hip, chic, athletic, classy, flirty, professional and anywhere in the middle.


I love the history of fashion, the versatility, the expressiveness that fashion allows. Many articles of clothing found in thrift stores have sustained the test of times. You may not know the story behind the piece or the name of the person who sent it to thrifting paradise. The condition expresses the journey and tells a story. A piece of vintage clothing in immaculate shape shows the true love given by the owner which alone sparks interest and allows you to appreciate the delicacy of the article.  


My love came from my Nana Logan, who is from a fashion period evolving from Art deco and the Roaring 20's  and taking pride in your appearance was a must. She taught me about the importance of accessories and how it finalizes your ensemble.  


Fashion is an avenue that allows you to be in charge and experiment with expression through clothing, hair and makeup.


Stay around and get to know me, together we can learn a thing or two!



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