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REcycle, REinvent and REfashion is the concept that distinguishes thrifted fashion from beginning to end.  Thrifted fashion helps share the benefits of clothing.


The first is to recycle, over the last several years many have taken to changing the way they discard waste. Clothing has been discarded in record-breaking numbers and if you are not doing so already remember to donate, gift or give your new or gently used articles to someone who can use it. Let's help by learning the art of maximizing the life of an item.

Secondly, reinvent is when you take an article of clothing and use it in some other form. For example an oversized shirt and making a skirt and crop top. There are many DIY projects that offer you the opportunity the reuse clothing.

Lastly, refashion is the final stop on the fashion ride. So make sure to do your part and breathe life into this piece because if it made its way to you it was truly meant to be. In other words, let your style shine through! 



To assist others in achieving their fashion dreams by recycling, reinventing and refashioning their articles of clothing.




  • Educate and inform style seekers of alternate ways to purchase clothing for a fraction of the price

  • Discuss how recycling can help the environment

  • Conduct confidence building seminars

  • Highlight self esteem awareness and ways to improve it

  • Empower clients with a better understand of self image

  • Help style seekers add to their current wardrobe





Sytle Therapy


Personal shopper


Image Consultant



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