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Thrifted or Gifted?

Let's talk! The purpose of this website is to take gently used or new items to the next level of fashion. It's an age-old saying "waste not, want not." My mission is to help my fashion family understand that most retailers are using recycled materials and encourage you to recycle in-store (example H&M). The fact is that you don't have to wait and that's where I come in. Look in your closet and identify the articles of clothing that you can't fit or like. My suggestions are to gift to a friend, family member or a profit or nonprofit agency. provides you with the resources to purchase or find a place to donate or earn extra cash for clothing and give them a second chance at life. Stay woke and be a boss and do your part in saving the environment. REfashion, REcycle, and REinvent.

Thrifted or gifted? Well, the first is gifted, and I styled it by adding this thrifted statement necklace, clutch, and shorts. The second picture is another oversized top for sale at that will undoubtedly make its way to the Bahamas in October if you don't show up and show out!



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