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Season 15 of Styleweek Northeast

I attended Styleweek Northeast 14 and had the pleasure to be invited back to Sytleweek 15 by the one and only designer Bridgett Artise. For me, Styleweek is the perfect place to pair your fashion interest with designers. On this night, several designers were showcasing their work, including Bridgett Artise, Amy Lane, Simone Simon, and Christopher Sean, who had an installation last year. I must say I enjoyed all the collections, but you already know who my favorite designer is!!!! I love Bridgett Artise because we live in a time when waste is on the rise. We need to do better at recycling, and we continuously campaign to recycle metals, paper, glass, and plastic. Today, we have to do better with the way we recycle clothing. Brigdett is ahead of her time with her vision; she's a designer who deconstructs clothing and gives it a new look. When I say one-of-a-kind piece, I mean just that, absolutely no worries about showing up with the same outfit on (I would die if I ever showed up wearing the same outfit someone else had on). Please check out all the designers that I mentioned, but I encourage you to check out Born-Again Vintage ( Trust that she's a designer at the forefront of sustainable fashion. If you don't know what sustainable means, you will soon. Be on the lookout!

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